Degree Programs

Undergraduate Work

As a Food Science, Chemical or Agricultural Engineering undergrad, you can get a jump on gaining valuable experience working at NC State’s Sensory Service Center. If you want hands on training to complement your learning and desire challenges that will truly prepare you for the post graduate world, our lab is the place to be. We hire on an hourly basis (offering flexible summer hours too) for preparatory work for testings, sample preparation for sensory and instrumental analysis, working on production-related activities in the pilot plant, and even for assistance in running taste test panels.

We are conveniently located on campus. Undergraduate work at the Sensory Service Center is the next best thing to an early internship because you can work your way into getting client experience, which will serve you well post graduation; it also supports a smooth transition into a Masters program should that be your path.

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Getting a Masters or PhD

Getting your Master of Food Science or PhD in Food Science with NC State’s Sensory Service Center is an unique experience. This is not just behind the scenes research work: in our lab, you work directly with industry clients and partners. Here you will run tests, design and report on experiments that give real clients actionable data. You will have the opportunity to get hands on experience with analytical chemistry and instrumentation, and have the rare advantage of being able to draw powerful conclusions between work in sensory and instrumental analysis. You will  also work in our pilot plant, learning skills such as cheese making and whey protein manufacturing.

This graduate degree program is run through the Food Science department with Dr. Drake as your professor and adviser – directing your research, guiding class choices, assisting with co-authoring papers and signing off with a committee on your graduate research.

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