Analytical Sensory Services

Consumer opinion is critical – but when you need objective, repeatable data about how your product is perceived, you need analytical sensory testing. Our analytical sensory evaluation services are tailored to meet your needs, helping you to get to the bottom of any flavor, texture, or color issue.

We provide expert knowledge, proven experience, affordable rates, and fast turnarounds. For a reasonable set of samples (less than a dozen), we typically offer a week turnaround.


Current capacity includes:

  • Descriptive flavor and texture analysis. Our Spectrum panelists are each trained over 150 hours in product categories ranging from dairy to soy sauce. You’ll receive an accurate representation of your product’s attributes on a universal scale, allowing you to understand how your product compares to products across categories.
  • Difference/Similarity testing. Will your consumers notice that ingredient swap? How does your product measure up against a gold standard target product? See where your product stands with tests including paired comparison, triangle, duo-trio, tetrad, and degree of difference.
  • Temporal Methods. We record perception of sensory attributes over time. Methods available include Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS), Time Intensity (TI), and Temporal Check-All-That-Apply (TCATA).


Meet NCSU’s Descriptive Analysis Panel: