How To Apply

First, you will want to familiarize yourself with both NC State’s general admissions requirements as well as the FBNS department requirements for admission. Then, contact Dr. Drake to express your interest before applying to grad school – to ensure we will have space for you to work in our lab and to find out how we can integrate with your goals. In any given cycle we employ approximately 12 Masters and PhD students.¬†Working in the lab provides the bulk of your graduate studies.

We can set up phone interviews so that you and our lab staff can get acquainted, and of course you are welcome to come visit.

Should you be interested in working in our lab as part of your graduate degree, you will submit your application to NCSU and it will be funneled through to the FBNS department. We will then work together through your application review process to help secure your spot in the lab.

Upon acceptance, you may even start working earlier in the summer to test the waters before your full commitment would begin late in the summer, and as an opportunity to ramp up before your studies begin.