Comprehensive Flavor Analysis

The Sensory Service Center is a fully integrated facility ready to provide Sensory Analysis and Instrumental Analysis along with Market Testing Services and Consumer Panel Testing. Our comprehensive services are geared toward enhancing your product’s flavor and interpreting consumer opinion and preferences.

During our initial consultation, we will work with you to identify the most appropriate food or packaging test to satisfy your needs. We offer a full range of services including, but not limited to, sensory flavor and texture analysis, headspace analysis and consumer panel testing to help you solve problems of flavor and quality significance.

Finished Products & Ingredients Analysis

For finished products or ingredients requiring analysis, we start with expert sensory screening, performed by our extensively trained panel with experience in every food product imaginable. Continuously educated and developed under the guidance of Dr. MaryAnne Drake, they rate attributes on an intensity scale. Using sensory language developed from lexicons, results are delivered via a table of mean attributes from overall intensity of flavor and aroma through texture, as well as visual determinations.

Based on these results, we establish the next step, which could be to:

  • Implement consumer panel testing
  • Perform threshold testing for flavor compounds in many matrices (This is basic research into level of perception of certain compounds by the population, and tells you how important certain compounds are in your product.)
  • Conduct volatile and/or non-volatile compound testing to identify specific off-flavor issues and link volatile compounds to sensory attributes
  • Trace off flavor back through raw materials to identify sources
  • Run a proximate analysis to determine the percentage of components in your product

Product Development

Consumer perception is paramount to successful food products. We will work for you at all steps in your process to help:

  • Identify market niche
  • Understand the shelf life limitations of your product
  • Focus on what your customers and potential customers think about your product

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